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I finally broke down and sprung for my own server so that you guys won't be bothered with all the pop ups that Fortune City was putting on my pages.  And since I now have almost unlimited space, I've replaced all the compressed audio and video clips with the un-compressed originals that I have.

Text jokes are on this page, but you can follow the links to go to the JPG pages which contains over 4000 cartoons, the Audio pages which has dozens of great un-compressed sound clips plus some snippetts to customize the sounds on your computer, the Video page where I put together a collection of 100's of unique video clips of funny commercials and a lot of other outrageous stuff and the Parody Songs page with 200+ full length parody songs.

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New Additions
for Nov. 2012
911 Golf
Awards Great News
Barber Headlines
Carn Names A Hippie
Cider Another Hippie
More on Clinton The Lady
The Conductor Lazy
Crap Midget
Echo Mommy
Einstein Pain
Friends Pizza Boy
Getting Old Plates

New Additions
for Oct. 2012
Beaty Loan
Bible Fun MIT
Castaway Misc.
Coconuts New Jersey
Court Poop
Cowboys Q n A
Definitions Sailor
Farming Surgery
God Ticket
Honor Turkey
Jackson Viagra Substitutes
Libel Vultures

New Additions
for Sept. 2012
After Sex
Bad Car Blonde Dump
Chunks Golf Tree
Grass Loan
Me Too Outhouse
Poor Protect
Royal Wedding
Trees Trivia
Trash Wedding

New Additions
for Aug 2012
Beer Men Won't Say
Bloke Etiquette Men Will Say
Bra A Music Story
Breast Fed New Job
But First Special Saliva
Commandments Sergeants
Workers Compensation Sven
Definitions TV Facts
Definitions2 Women (1-25)
Dog Tricks Women (26-50)
Gift Women (51-75)
Guilt Women (76-100)

New Additions
for July 2012
Adult Q & A Lucky
American News
Austrailian One Point
Canadian President
Career Choice Sexes
Cure Spanish
Difference of a Century Stress
English Taxi
French Tools
German Vacation
Irish Welsh
Italian Yield

New Additions
for June 2012
Cans Post Turtle
Drafted Prohibited
FDA Warning Sex Theory
General Trivia Shrimp
Golf Golf Tournament
History Trivia Star Tre Trivia
Hooker More Trivia
Job Application Terms T-Shirts
Lawyers TV Trivia
Man's Rules Viagra
Movie Trivia Worst Sound
Music Trivia Yield